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Tenor 1 ● Pianist ● Violist ● Choral Arranger ● Orchestrator 

Tu Do, also known in the Vietnamese community as Đỗ Hoàng Tú or simply Hoàng Tú, is a classically-trained tenor, pianist, violist, choral arranger, and orchestrator. His vocal training began in 2011 under the teaching of Soprano and Voice Professor Linda Leyrer at Irvine Valley College and CSU Fullerton, where he honed his vocal skills and developed an understanding of classical music, opera, and musical theater. Since 2019, he expanded his skills under Baritone and CSU Fullerton Voice Professor James M. Schaefer

Tu's versatility shines through in his repertoire, which includes classical and musical theater pieces performed at private and public recitals hosted by local colleges. His recent projects include performing at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts with Pacific Chorale in their 2023 Choral Festival as a Tenor 1 vocalist. 

Currently, Tu holds the position of Lead Tenor for the Saddleback College Emeritus Chorale since Summer 2022 under the baton of Voice and Chorale Professor John Huntington. He is also a member of the Saddleback College Community Chorale since Fall 2021, performing as Tenor 1 in their featured annual "Feast of Lights" holiday program under the directorship of the Dean, Dr. Scott Farthing, and Professor Erin Girard. He continues his tenure in this chorus under the new directorship of Dr. Brandon ElliotNotably, Tu was also a tenor soloist in their 2023 Saddleback College Community Chorale "Choral Masterworks" Concert.

Tu is also a skilled choral arranger and orchestrator. Since Spring 2022, he has attained training in popular songwriting under the guidance of Dr. Allison Johnson and Professor Jessica Gordon. Furthermore, his expertise extends to music composition, vocal arranging, and orchestration under the mentorship of Ms. Jin Kim and Dr. Geoffery Munger. He is also versed in digital music production using Ableton 11 under Dr. Ariel Alexander. His studies in introductory choral arranging began at Santiago Canyon College under Dr. Binh Vu from Fall 2021 - Fall 2022.

As a member of the Vietnamese vocal ensemble Sóng Xanh since January 2019, Tu has made contributions to the Vietnamese music community. He sings as a tenor vocalist for the ensemble. His arrangements of Vietnamese songs, including "Ô Mê Ly," "Ngựa Phi Đường Xa," "Trưng Nữ Vương," and "Vó Câu Muôn Dặm," have been showcased on platforms such as VNA-TV, Little Saigon TV, Chùa Huệ Quang, Viện Việt-Học, Rose Center Theater, the Emê Concert at Christ Cathedral, and Người Việt Newspaper Community Room.

As a visiting tenor vocalist for the Ngàn Khơi Chorus, Tu has contributed his voice to significant events such as the "Chuyện Những Dòng Sông (Stories of the Rivers) 2018 Charity Concert," where he performed with the ensemble Sóng Xanh - "Sóng Xanh" and "Riverrun." He also lent his voice to "Thu Cô Liêu" during the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Ngàn Khơi Vietnamese Chorus. He also participates with the Ngàn Khơi Chorus Chamber Singers in various projects and recordings at SBTN (Saigon Broadcast Television Network) Studios. 

Tu performed with the Little Saigon Master Chorale for the program "Mừng Sinh Nhật 90 Lê Văn Khoa - Một Đời Âm Nhạc" in September 2023.

He sang "For Good" from Wicked for SBTN studios and the Vietnamese pop song "Nhớ Một Chiều Xuân" as a soloist at VNA-TV studios. Tu has performed in various venues across South Orange County, including a solo performance of "Anthem" from Chess with Symphony Irvine in Fall 2018 and "Love is an Open Door" from Frozen as a duet with Voice Professor Vanessa Rosas. Performances also include memorable collaborations, such as his role as a Tenor 1 soloist for the SCC Community Choir in select sections of Haydn's Lord Nelson Mass. 

Beyond his vocal talents, Tu also plays the viola in the Saddleback College Symphony Orchestra since Fall 2022. Tu served dual roles as a tenor vocalist and violist in the 2022 Feast of Lights Holiday Concert at Saddleback College. His musical journey began with the violin in public elementary and middle school music programs before transitioning to the viola in high school.

Tu's proficiency in piano began with private studies under Ms. Alice Lin at a young age and later under Ms. Hsiao-Mei Li, earning the Certificate of Merit Level 10 from the Music Teachers Association of California. He has participated in Baroque and Romantic Festivals and achieved Blue Ribbon recognition. Currently, he is studying advanced piano techniques through master class studies under Ms. Jin Kim, a highly regarded pianist, accompanist, arranger, and orchestrator from Irvine Valley College and the Orange County School of the Arts. From time to time, Tu has filled in as a substitute accompanist for choirs.

Professionally, Tu serves as an Assistant Professor of Biology and Health Sciences (Giảng sư đại học phân khoa sinh-vật-học và y tế) for multiple colleges and universities throughout Southern California. Outside of his musical endeavors, Tu Do enjoys spending his spare time playing video games, tennis, and the piano while indulging in a profound love for listening to music. 

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